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Activstars Instructor

Don’t Master Graham’s love for traditional steak and potato full you, he has some pretty fun facts to know. He listens to Cage the Elephant, an American rock band and his favorite movie is Second Hand Lions that teaches that everyone should have a chance to truly live in life, like when he lived in Hawaii one summer with his mom despite being afraid of fish.

Graham Leavell

Classes Taught


St. Joseph, St. Joe Rec. Center

Hello, my name is Graham Leavell. I have been involved with ACTIVSTARS since I first joined a karate class back in 2001. After coming up through the ranks at the Blue Springs location, I achieved my Black Belt in the year 2011. Past that point, I assisted my instructor, Sensei Colby Lalli, until I was hired in 2014. After this, I was given the instructor position for the St. Joseph location, where I teach today.

As for a general background about myself, I am a 1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, which I have studied since I was five. After receiving my Black Belt, I spent 3 years as an Assistant Instructor before I was hired. Outside of martial arts, I was very involved with my high school band program, the Blue Springs High School Golden Regiment. My junior and senior years, I was not only the Head Drum Major of the nationally acclaimed marching band, but also a lead player in a multitude of other ensembles.

Now, I study Music Education at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri. After I graduate, I intend to pursue a Masters in Conducting and a Doctorate in Business. My dream is to, one day, be a high school band director.

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