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Activstars Instructor

Loves the ocean, mom’s home cooking, and Dinosaur bits…is that a cereal? Her funniest thing she’s ever done is jumping out of a plane, and that is what scares her most, so she’s proof that overcoming one’s fear can be fun.

Leigh Riese

Classes Taught


Assistant Instructor

Leigh Riese currently assists Sifu Mark Steuver teaching at Casa Grande Boys & Girls club in Casa Grande, Arizona. He also substitutes and works at tournaments.

Leigh has studied under Sifu Mark Steuver for almost 19 years in Chinese Kenpo Karate and has obtained the rank of 2ndDegree Black Belt.  He is still studying and working on his belts and teaching at the Institute of Self-Defense in Casa Grande.

Sifu Leigh received a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Arts education from State University at Oswego, NY., and a master’s degree in Public Administration from Troy State University, Alabama.

Sifu Riese finished up his 30 years of teaching at “The Villa” in Toltec, Arizona. During his time there he was assistant principal, took students on trips sailing, camping, hiking, and other touring.

In earlier years between undergraduate work, Leigh served in Germany as a paratrooper, and in Vietnam where he was awarded two Bronze Star medals.


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