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Activstars Instructor

“Evel” Kniesel enjoys banging his head to heavy metal music legend Metallica between classes. A family man who loves vacationing with his family to the Caribbean, he’s never met a Chocolate Cake he didn’t like. He’s got all the energy you want from a master teacher from his flux capacitor from his favorite movie Back to the Future.

Peter Kniesel

Classes Taught


St. Louis, St. Charles Community College, Overland Community Center

My name is Sensei Peter Kniesel and I’ve had an interest in Martial Arts since I was in grade school.  My Martial Arts training didn’t begin until later in life when I took several semesters of Tang Soo Do under Master Dan Jansa while attending junior college. After attending several semesters of junior college, I transferred to a four year school and paused my Martial Arts training while finishing my schooling and getting married.  Once my oldest son was 4 years old, he and I started out as white belts training together at ACTIVSTARS wherein we could both take classes together which I enjoyed a lot.


We started out training under Sensei Jim Nelson in 2008 and then continued training under Sensei Glenn Scott in 2010.  I’ve continued training under Sensei Glenn Scott ever since and have also completed training under Sensei Clarke Walker. I was awarded my 1st Degree Black Belt with ACTIVSTARS in November 2019 and was hired as an Instructor in 2020.


I’m very thankful for all the Sensei’s I’ve trained under and have learned a lot from them.  As an ACTIVSTARS Instructor, I want to pass on that knowledge to students that has been passed on to me to help students defend themselves, have fun, and be on the path to achieve success in life.

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