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Activstars Instructor

An enthusiast with a penchant for all things superhero, especially the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! However, even a superhero like him can have a quirky moment, like the time he forgot his pants on the way to school! And let's not forget his unique fear - those bushy-tailed critters, squirrels!

Steven Brown

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My name is Sensei Steven Brown and I am a 1st Degree Black Belt. I started my Martial Arts training under the ACTIVSTARS program in 2002. In 2005, I earned my Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and went on to earn my Black Belt in Shotokan under the ACTIVSTARS program in 2006. I took a break for a few years and graduated from the University of Arkansas in the spring of 2017. I am an electrical engineer for Kansas City Power and Light. I am certified in Concussion Protocol and CPR Basic Life Support with AED training. After graduation, I missed teaching and gaining more knowledge about Martial Arts; I am extremely happy to be back and teaching again.

I have a great passion for learning Martial Arts and I learn something new from every class I am part of. I have a feeling of joy and pride to help students of all ages learn more about martial arts and how to protect themselves from danger. Connecting with students helps me share my knowledge with them, but I learn a great deal of information from students as well. In addition, I have received training in Chinese Fan, Bo Staff, Broadsword, and Katana.

As an ACTIVSTARS instructor, I want to challenge students mentally and physically to achieve greater knowledge in Martial Arts. At the same time, I want the students to enjoy themselves and cherish every moment they are with their fellow classmates and instructors.

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