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We’re Black Belts 
in Kids First

We’re the largest kid-first martial arts school in the country with over 10,000 students. The karate school trusted by school districts, churches, and the community to hold after-school classes in their buildings. With over 100 instructors certified in SafeShield training and kid-focused learning, our families learn leadership and life skills first through martial arts.

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We have classes for kids at all levels with flexible schedules (train once a week). With no contract and prices that have led the industry for over 30 years, ActivStars Athletics martial arts is something the whole family can enjoy.



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Family-Focused Programs

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Family Training

 Take a peek at some of the latest tournaments.
Watch the action.

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Upcoming Tournaments

ActivStars Athletics holds tournaments throughout the year where students can demonstrate their knowledge and leadership skills. 

Brown and Black Belt Spring 2024 testing is scheduled for Sunday, March 3rd! This is an invitational event only! All students must be pretested prior to March 3rd!

ActivStars Brown & Black Belt Testing

Karate Event

We are excited to announce the return of our Texas State Tournament. Our state tournament is open to all Dallas and Houston area ActivStars Athletics students.

Texas State Karate Tournament

Karate Event

Join us for our exciting karate spring tournament! Our Valley of the Sun Karate Tournament will be open to beginners thru black belt.

Phoenix Valley of the Sun Karate Tournament

Karate Event

Join us for our exciting Spring karate tournament! Our Midwest Showdown Karate Tournament will be open to all Activstars students, beginners thru black belt.

Spring 2024 Midwest Showdown Karate Tournament **Brackets NOW Available**

Karate Event

Martial arts is more than learning self-defense or a certain style, it runs deeper and is an excellent way to build discipline, self-esteem, and lifelong skills. Most studio-based dojos are rigid in what they teach, have to charge more money because of higher costs, and they typically have long-term contracts. From our 30+ years of experience having trained over 30,000 students, here is what we recommend every family looks for when deciding.

How to choose a
Martial Arts School

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This is one of the biggest factors for a positive learning experience, particularly for kids. There are instructors that may be very good at their martial arts, but do they also have the training or natural ability to relate and work with kids in a positive way? Make sure you ask not only about their martial arts credentials but also whether they are trained in working with kids and do they get background checks to ensure a safe environment. 

Take a look at our instructors. They are some of the most highly skilled and decorated in the industry. More importantly, each take pride in our Kids First motto, before their martial arts.

ActivStars Nunchaku Masters Camp


Some dojos teach only one style of martial arts, which is great to develop skill and expertise. Others mix only bits and pieces of various styles so students miss out on more complete learning. There is value in understanding various styles, but it is also critical to fully learn at least one style as a foundation to improve one's overall martial arts IQ. Then, the more styles a student is familiar with like Kung Fu, Karate, or Taekwando, the more well-rounded they will be in their martial arts and associated life skills. 

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Some schools require 3-4 classes a week. In today’s busy schedule, making sure that a location is close or easy to get to will ensure consistency. A school with multiple locations also makes it easy to transfer in case your family moves in the future. 

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How often one trains is important for improvement. However, there is much that students can learn on their own with guidance or “homework” from their instructors. Some schools require a big commitment going multiple times a week and charge a corresponding price, particularly to offset higher overhead of a studio. Others have lower cost and can provide families the flexibility of attending once a week enabling students to be able to do martial arts in addition to other activities for well-rounded development.  


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Find a Karate Class Near You

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