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Instructor Overview

Our instructors have diverse experiences including teachers, accountants, police officers, and engineers. Despite coming from different backgrounds, they have one thing in common. They have black belts in kids first.


ActivStars Athletics has created one of the most comprehensive martial arts programs for children and teens in an ever-changing world. We teach our students to stay safely aware and avoid bullying while developing mind, body, and life skills, including leadership. Every ActivStars Athletics karate and martial arts instructor has been trained on our safety awareness SafeShield. We’re black belts in kids first! The initial focus on quality instruction remains true today as one of the few family owned and operated organizations to consistently deliver the highest quality trained coaches and instruction for martial arts.

karate tournament with group of students and instructors in  gym

Meet your local
karate instructors

Meet your local karate instructors. Discover the classes they offer, the age groups they teach, and learn even some fun facts about them. Students are our first priority and each instructor has been selected to ensure they provide the right atmosphere and training style to help our students grow.  


Find a Karate Class Near You

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