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  • Is there a registration fee?
    Yes, there is a $12.00 registration for each semester.
  • How much do classes cost?
    Our weekly class fee is $9.00 for a 45-minute class and $10.00 for our extended 60-minute class
  • Can I pay weekly?
    Yes, we make it convenient for parents to pay-as-you-go! Parents can prepay for the semester or pay the remaining at any time. *Some school districts may offer different payment options.
  • Do you accept cash for class/registration fees?
    We only accept online payments via the app or website online check-in process for class, registration, and testing fees.
  • Are there any contracts?
    There are no obligations or hidden fees.
  • Are uniforms required?
    Uniforms are not required, but they are highly recommended. Our uniforms are not cheap free uniforms, but quality middle-weight uniforms designed to last!
  • How do I order a uniform?
    Our ActivStars middle-weight uniform (gi) can be purchased on our website at
  • Where do I find a class near me?
    You can search classes by location by clicking here:
  • How do I register for a class?
    You can register through our login parent portal on our website or from our ActivStars App.
  • How do I check in each week?
    Parents use our parent login portal on our website or our ActivStars App to check in for weekly classes. (After you're logged into your account, click on Green Check-In Button, then click on the green Weekly button) Weekly check-in is important to maintain accurate attendance for end-of-semester belt testing. Your student is automatically checked in for the 1st class when you register.
  • What happens if a class is missed?
    Students are required to make up missed classes by attending a class before or after their regularly scheduled class. Students must make up missed classes to qualify for belt promotion.
  • How do I do a make-up class?
    When checking in from the parent portal or the app, select the make-up option.
  • How do I check in if I forgot?
    Parents can check in and pay for classes from Monday – Sunday of the class week. NP stands for No Pay, which means you didn't pay for that week's class. You can pay for it when checking in for the current week's class. After 2 NP's, students won't be able to attend class until all payments have been made.
  • Do I need to make up classes if I start in week two or week three of the semester?
    Yes, we want the students to complete the same number of classes for rank promotion.
  • How do students earn their next belt?
    Each semester, students will have the opportunity to test for their next belt promotion.
  • Is there a testing fee?
    Yes, we have an affordable testing fee of only $12.00.
  • Are parents allowed to watch class?
    Parents are allowed to watch the first and last class of each semester, after which anyone entering the classroom must sign in as a parent helper. ActivStars Athletics allows parent helpers to get involved during each week's lessons. We do not allow strangers to enter the teaching area for safety reasons. We also take pride in offering the best learning environment free from distractions. No younger siblings will be allowed in the teaching area.
  • How do I become a parent helper?
    When checking your student at the class location, parents will sign and acknowledge our parent helper release form.
  • Do you have special events?
    Yes, ActivStars Athletics is the leader in the industry, providing family and kids-friendly tournaments, clinics, and camps throughout the year.
  • How long have you been offering martial art classes?
    We have been offering martial art classes for over 30 years! We are a trusted partner in your communities, offering our programs in most school districts, churches, and community centers.
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