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ACTIVSTARS ATHLETICS SECURITY POLICY: We take great steps to provide the safest, uninterrupted learning environment for your child. Parents are invited to watch the first lesson and the awards program. Spectators are not permitted during regular classes as children get easily distracted and may not focus on the instructor's instructions. An environment with minimal distractions provides a better learning atmosphere.


To prevent unwanted guests and strangers in the classroom, ACTIVSTARS ATHLETICS, our sponsors, and facilities require everyone to sign in on the forms provided. Parents are encouraged to volunteer as "Parent Helpers". Volunteers are needed in each class to assist the instructor. Parents, when volunteering as helpers, please read and sign the Parent Helper Sign-In Sheet located by the check-in box.


At each class, Parent Helpers need to: 

  • Sign-In on the Parent Helper Form

  • Be able to assist without distractions; do not have other children (younger or older siblings) with them.  Children (not enrolled in our program) are not allowed to stay inside the facility. 

  • Wear a Parent Helper I.D. while assisting.  Parent Helper I.D.s are issued upon check-in.

  • Be willing to assist with class functions as directed by the instructor.


Additional Parent Nights may be scheduled pending facility and sponsor approval; your instructor will communicate any additions directly. 


As a courtesy, we ask that additional children or guests brought to the facility during check-in and pick-up are always monitored by parents!


Medical Condition/Disability: We encourage parents that have students with a serious medical condition or a disability to stay weekly with their child.  Parents are also required to inform the instructor and fill out a Medical Disability Form.


Sparring/Specialty: Each ACTIVSTARS ATHLETICS Instructor offers his/her specialty weapon, sparring, or other drills during this 30-minute sparring class.  It can vary from location to location. Sparring/Specialty class cost is $3 in addition to the regular lesson fee and is 30 minutes long. 

  • Sparring is open to students ranked green and above. 


Sparring is safe, light-contact, controlled fighting, which is highly recommended for students advancing in ACTIVSTARS ATHLETICS.  Students will learn how to use their techniques in actual self-defense and sports scenarios.  All sparring students are required to have sparring gear.  Special package pricing is available on our website at


ACTIVSTARS ATHLETICS KARATE TOURNAMENTS: Scheduled during the fall, spring, and summer sessions!  All Karate students are invited to attend and compete in the Karate Tournaments (attendance is optional but recommended) to be held later in the semester.  Participation in the tournaments is a great learning experience for all students as it promotes competitive spirit, self-confidence, and fun!  There will be a nominal fee to participate in the Tournaments. 






RANK PROMOTION: At the end of each semester, students are evaluated on the techniques and skills they have learned.  Students are advanced in rank according to their test/eval.  The advancement fee is $12.00, plus the class fee.  The fee is for testing only; belts and awards will be awarded free of charge. 


CLASS TIMES AND FEES: Our instructors assign class times based on students' ages and abilities.  As students advance with their ranks, "advanced" classes may be offered at limited locations.


Regular Class (R)                       40-45 minutes          $9/week

Extended Class(E)                     60 minutes                $10/week

Advanced Class(A)                   90 minutes                $12/week

Sparring/Specialty Class          30 minutes                $3/week


If the time we assigned to your child is inconvenient, or you have two children attending different classes, please see your instructor for approval to attend a different class time. 


GET OUR APP: Download our ACTIVSTARS App for IOS or Android.

Use our app to register for classes and events directly from your smart device.  Check in weekly, check class schedules, and stay up to date with the latest news and organizational announcements! 


WEEKLY CHECK-IN AND PAYMENT:  The only payment options available are weekly payments or total semester prepayments. At any time, parents can pay for the remainder of the semester.  Each week, parents must check in and pay through our website portal or by using the ACTIVSTARS App.

  • No Cash or Checks are accepted at our class locations.

Please arrive no more than 15-minutes early each week for check-in. 

Each week, parents are required to physically walk in and sign in their students on the sign-in sheet by:

  • bubbling in "present" next to the student's name

  • signing (parent signature)

  • recording the amount paid

Sign-in sheets are located by the check-in box.  If your student is prepaid, you will still need to sign them in every week of class. Students cannot sign themselves in for class; a parent or guardian must be present because a parent’s signature is required.




Please physically walk your child to and from the facility and teaching area; we do not want children going outside alone.  Do not drop off your child and drive away without first ensuring that the classroom is open, and the coach is present.  If you wait in your car during your child's class, please come inside 5 minutes prior to the end of class to listen to announcements and walk your child out to your car.  Please explain to your child that he/she is required to wait in our holding area until you pick him/her up after class.  All students are required to wait in a holding area; students will not be allowed to leave or wait outside!  The exception to this rule applies only if a parent signs a Walker Release Form, giving the student permission to walk to and from class without an adult.




MAKE-UP CLASSES:  We know that there may be times when your child cannot attend class.  Missed classes can be made up by attending two classes back-to-back (their regular class and the class either before or after the regular class).  Make-up classes must be either pre-paid or paid the day the make-up is done.

Please inform the class secretary at the check-in table that your child will be taking (2) classes, and she/he will issue a make-up wristband to your student.  Remember to tell your child when he/she is doing a make-up class!


CANCELLATIONS: There are times when we may have to cancel a class due to holidays, school conflict, or bad weather.  If possible, an email or note is sent out the week before to inform you of the cancellation. 

  • In some cases, when possible, we will offer an online Zoom class, or the course will be extended. 

  • If your child misses a class, please check your email or call the ACTIVSTARS ATHLETICS office or log-on to our website to view missed class communication, class calendars, and other up-to-date information.


PERFECT ATTENDANCE:  All missed classes must be made up BEFORE belt rank testing.  Students without perfect attendance will receive a certificate and medal.  Students may make the classes up the following semester, and test before the next scheduled test.


CLASS COMMUNICATION:  ACTIVSTARS ATHLETICS communicates with parents and students through written communication, primarily through email. Please be sure that we have an updated email address in our records, or you will not receive these notices, and you could miss important class information. We will also occasionally send out text messages, notes, and fliers regarding upcoming events, class cancellations, etc. 



ACTIVSTARS ATHLETICS MERCHANDISE:  ACTIVSTARS ATHLETICS merchandise is purchased at wholesale prices, and the savings are passed on to you.  All merchandise is ONLY available for purchase online at or at scheduled events.


Students are encouraged to have a karate uniform (gi), which provides comfort and freedom of movement.  White & Yellow Belts can purchase the beginner ACTIVSTARS ATHLETICS Gi/uniform.  Green-Blue Belt students may upgrade their uniforms to the intermediate Gi/uniform.  Advanced students Purple Belts & above may purchase the advanced Gi/uniform. All ACTIVSTARS ATHLETICS Gis are quality middleweight uniforms!


RETURNS & EXCHANGES: All claims and return requests must be made within ten business days of receipt of goods.

  • Worn garments or garments with numbers or any other modifications, decorations, or customizations may not be returned.

  • Any defective goods may be returned but must follow our 10-day return policy.

  • No refunds are given for apparel or gear, which has been worn or used. 

Please be sure to inspect your merchandise upon receipt of your order. We maintain the right to inspect the returned merchandise to determine whether replacement or adjustment is valid. If merchandise is returned after the 10-day inspection period, a 15% restocking fee will be applied.


REFUND POLICY:  We do not give refunds for prepaid students after the third week of the semester.  This is due to fixed insurance costs incurred by the fourth week.  Any refunds after the third week of the semester will be issued as class credit vouchers.  Registration fees and classes already attended will not be refunded.  Refund requests must be submitted through email to the Accounting Department,  Merchandise must be returned to the ACTIVSTARS ATHLETICS office.  Refunds may take as long as 3 weeks to process.

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