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Activstars Instructor

Aaron believes you can overcome any fear through effort, like being able to eat his favorite food, which is eggs in a blanket! He loves having fun and 80’s music, especially Prince.

Aaron Williams

Classes Taught


Booth/Sunrise Chapel

Sifu Aaron Williams’ adult training started in 1991 under Master E. Rothrock, a master in Northern Shaolin Chang Quan, Ying Jow Pai and Wu Tai Chi. Master Rothrock provided in-depth instruction in Kung Fu and also emphasized the life skills to be gained through martial arts training. Sifu Williams considers it a rare honor to have had the opportunity to train directly under such an accomplished Master for many years.

Sifu Williams joined ACTIVSTARS in 2004 and considers himself very fortunate to be part of such a quality organization with very accomplished martial artists.  Sifu Williams has produced multiple ActivStars Black Belts and Second Degree Black Belts. Some of his students have become ACTIVSTARS Sensei.

Since 2009, Sifu Williams has trained directly under 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk, Shi YanQing, in the art of Shaolin Kung Fu. In 2012, Sifu Williams was certified as an official Shaolin Temple Disciple by Venerable Abbot Shi YongXin and was given the dharma name of Shi YanLin. Sifu Williams has taught and performed Shaolin Kung Fu for thousands of students across the country. He considers it a great gift to share Chinese culture with others.

As a youth Sifu Williams trained in a variety of styles including: Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do/Kali Eskrima/Muay Thai under Guro T. Patrick; Bujinkan under Sensei E. Krasinski; Shotokan Karate, Tai Mantis, Qigong, Pai Lum Kung Fu and Western Boxing among others. Sifu Williams’ specialties include Chin Na and martial art weapons.


In addition to being a Master Level Instructor and Fifth Level Black Sash in Northern Shaolin Chang Quan, Sifu Williams is also a Kyoshi level instructor for ActivStars.

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