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Activstars Instructor

A Captain America fan he can eat Asian food all day…so yummy. Nothing really scares him except fear itself, but he would just chill getting his groove on watching his favorite movie, Emperor’s New Groove. Europe is his dream vacation.

Alex Thompson

Classes Taught


Blue Springs, John Nowlin Elementary School

I have been a part of ACTIVSTARS since 1998, when I started out as a White Belt in the Blue Springs Dojo.  I worked my way up the ranks and earned my Black Belt in Kenpo Karate. Since then, I have continued in developing my martial arts, including cross-training in Aikido, as well as, Shotokan Karate. I started teaching in 2012 at the St. Joseph Dojo and am currently teaching in Blue Springs at John Nowlin Elementary.  I continue to strive for excellence from myself and my students in all that we do.

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