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Activstars Instructor

You’d understand why Honey Nut Cheerios is Ian’s favorite cereal when you learn that he once drove to Texas just to fire machine guns and ride in a tank…pretty nutty. When not so crazy, he enjoys curling up to with his favorite movie, The Princess Bride.

Ian Quaid

Classes Taught


Desert Sun

Sensei Ian Quaid has been training in martial arts since 5 years old.

His primary instructor has been Master Manning training in taekwondo.  He has also studied many martial arts including Kung Fu, Toshikan and okinawan karate with other teachers.

He has been teaching for over 4 years looks forward to doing so for many more to come.

Ian teaches within the Cave Creek ACTIVSTARS program under Senior instructor Master Tim Manning.  The primary martial arts discipline taught is Korean Taekwondo.

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