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Activstars Instructor

Sensei Jeoffrey the wonder boy" is a skilled karate instructor who draws inspiration from his favorite cartoon Naruto. When he's not teaching, he indulges in his favorite food, pork blood stew, and unwinds with Titanic. He's not a fan of cereal but loves his students' discipline.

Jeoffrey Abitong Sr.

Classes Taught


Rose Lane Elementary

Sensei Joeffrey Sr. was born and raised in the Philippines, moved to the United States 12 years ago, and started a family. He started as a parent helper and developed an interest in Karate. Joeffrey Sr. ended up joining together with his children Marzella and Joeffrey Jr. He trains and coaches his kids, both National Champions and champions in open tournaments. Sensei Joeffrey Sr will focus on his students’ knowledge, skills, and attitude, paving their road to black belt.  A Physical Therapist by profession that specializes in sports rehabilitation.  Quick trivia for Sensei Joeffrey Sr; he has all of his sons named after him, so make sure you call him Sensei Joeffrey , or all the Joeffreys in the room will look at you.

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