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Activstars Instructor

Taking cues from his favorite superhero, Spider-Man, Michael infuses his classes with agility and quick reflexes. One of his fondest memories was attending Star Wars in Concert, a testament to his love for epic storytelling and music. Dreaming of the bustling streets of New York, he envisions immersing himself in the energy and culture of the city.

Michael DeBerry

Classes Taught


Wichita, Kiwanis Rec. Center Wichita, Edgemoor Rec. Center

I have always had a passion for the martial arts since I started practicing Karate in the Activstars program back in 2003. I was able to earn my black belt back in 2011 under Sensei Kelly Balliet in the Isshin-ryu style of Karate. I have trained in numerous weapons, such as bo, nunchaku, Chinese fan, tonfa, eskrima, sai, and a self-taught sword style that I have continuously been improving on. I am also a graduate from Friends University, having received a Bachelor’s in Music. My goal has always been to try to learn what I can and improve on what I have, as well as instill my knowledge and experience onto the next generation.

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