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Activstars Instructor

Riley has so many favorites we don’t have enough room to list them all. You’ll have to just ask him. He is an expert of cartoons from the classic Bugs Bunny to Anime with One Punch Man being a current favorite. If you have 12 hours to spare, join him in an extended cut marathon of the epic Lord of the Rings with Teriyaki Thin-Cut Flank Steak…doesn’t get any better than that!

Riley Thompson

Classes Taught


Greenbrier, Bellair

Sensei Riley has been involved in Martial Arts for most of his life, beginning with Tae Kwon Do at age 6 then switching to Toshikan Karate in 2004.  After many long years of training he earned his First Degree Black Belt in Toshikan in the Spring of 2013.  He became an ACTIVSTARS Instructor in 2013.


His personal specialties are the Philosophy of Martial Arts, and Japanese Swordsmanship. As a fun note, he currently teaches at the same location where he started out as a White Belt.

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