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Activstars Instructor

An admiration for Batman and Phineas and Ferb are a fun mix for Sierra. She's resilient and four stitches from a slip 'n slide mishap at church, are testament to that, also the fact that her biggest fear are jump scares! Her childhood nickname "Giggles" in her youth, helps her have lightheartedness and joy to her personality.

Sierra Buyatt

Classes Taught


Belton. MO

Current Rank: 1st Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and techniques in several different types of martial arts.


Background/Profile/Experience: I am a former student of Belton High School and am currently on the path to getting a degree in business management.


I have been with ActivStars since 2010 and received my black belt in the ActivStars organization in October 2016. My training includes techniques from a few different types of martials arts; Shotokan, Wushu, and Shaolin. I am also trained in several weapons; these include fan, broadsword, staff, nunchaku, twin broadsword, bokken, shurikens, and kubotan.


As a student, and now a teacher, I’ve always enjoyed learning more and more to improve my skills and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to share with other students what I have learned through my years of training.


“It will take your entire life to learn karate; there is no limits.” -Gichin Funakoshi

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