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ActivStars Athletics Goes Beyond Mixed Martial Arts


mixed martial arts

In the exciting world of martial arts, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has emerged and continues to be a powerful and dynamic discipline for self-defense, and personal development. It is popularly known to be a full-contact sport based on ground fighting and incorporating various combat sports from around the world. At ActivStars Athletics (ASA), we are committed to a holistic approach of martial arts similar to the discipline of MMA. Furthermore, our approach extends beyond physical prowess to encompass self-defense, anti-bullying, leadership, and character building in the youth stages of our students. In this journey, we integrate diverse martial arts forms, such as karate and taekwondo, not only to cultivate skilled athletes, but to also instill values that transcend the mat.

In this blog post we'll cover the intricacies of MMA, highlight the gaps in the discipline that leave out basic and traditional principles taught through the different martial arts, as well as its similarities in MMA with the ActivStars Athletics curriculum.

Understanding MMA: A Fusion of Disciplines:

Mixed Martial Arts is a combat sport that amalgamates various martial arts disciplines, allowing practitioners to draw from a diverse set of techniques. Most martial arts focus on a specific skillset and MMA mixes tecniques from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, wrestling, Muay Thai/kickboxing, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, among others.

Despite its popularity, MMA has little to no focus on traditional values and philosophy of martial arts such as respect, discipline, and spiritual development. MMA instead emphasizes winning and entertainment. On the other hand, traditional martial arts goes beyond MMA through teaching a more intricate set of techniques, forms, and philosophies that students spend years mastering. Because MMA fighters focus on winning, they need to prioritize a more limited set of techniques that are highly effective in the sport for the short-term, potentially sacrificing the depth found in traditional martial arts.

ASA's Holistic Approach: Self-Defense, Anti-Bullying, Leadership, and Character Building:

At ASA, we view a comprehensive approach of various martial arts techniques as an imperative to personal growth as students learn how and when to apply the various skills. Our commitment goes beyond the mat; we strive to equip our students with skills that extend into every aspect of their lives and we emphasize the value of traditional ettiquete that help to build students' character. Our unique programs focuses on the following key areas:

a. SafeShield - Safety Awareness for Everyone: SafeShield incorporates safety practices from A-Z Abduction Prevention to empower students with knowledge on identifying safe areas, recognizing potential threats, and cultivating the skills needed to say "no" or seek assistance.

b. Anti-Bullying Program: The ActivStars Athletics Anti-Bullying Program prepares students mentally by instilling the "Mind of a Black Belt." Lessons teach them to identify and respond to verbal attacks, fostering resilience in the face of adversity.

c. Stars Beyond the Classroom: ASA's comprehensive approach extends to real-world dangers, teaching students awareness habits covering diverse topics from respecting differences to handling academic pressures.

d. Leadership Development: The student leadership program at ASA creates Senpais—student mentors who inspire others. This program instills skills like accountability, responsibility, and community involvement, nurturing leaders for the future.

e. Family Training: ASA provides a unique opportunity for families to learn together, transcending age barriers. The martial arts training becomes a shared journey, reinforcing values and creating lasting bonds.

Similarities Between MMA and ASA Curriculum:

ActivStars Athletics draws parallels between the principles of MMA and our unique curriculum while filling in the gaps found in MMA, which are the application and mastering of tradition and etiquette. Both ActivSTars Athletics and MMA emphasize adaptability, versatility, and a commitment to continuous learning. Our incorporation of karate and taekwondo mirrors the diversity seen in MMA, offering students a holistic experience that extends beyond physical techniques to instill discipline, respect, and personal growth.


At ActivStars Athletics, we don't just teach a mix of martial arts techniques; we cultivate resilient individuals armed with a diverse skill set that goes beyond the mat. Through the fusion of martial arts forms, our unique curriculum addresses self-defense, anti-bullying, leadership, and character building, empowering students to navigate life's challenges with confidence and integrity. Join us on a journey where empowerment is not just a goal but a way of life by learning more at


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