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Keeping Your Kids Active and Healthy During the Summer

As the temperature rises and school bells fade into the distance, the allure of lazy days indoors can be tempting for children. Yet, amidst the freedom of summer break lies a concerning trend: a significant decline in physical activity levels among kids. According to the Society of Behavioral Medicine, recent studies show that children aged 6 to 9 experience a staggering 53% drop in physical activity during summer.  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), kids ages 8-18 spend an average of 7.5 hours of daily screen time, and 4.5 of those hours are in front of a TV. Over a year, that equals 114 full days in front of a screen! Moreover, sedentary activities like screen time soar during the summer months.

The reasons behind the seasonal shift are multifaceted. During the school year, structured routines provide ample opportunities for physical activity, whether it's through recess or PE classes, while screen time is often limited. However, the absence of these routines during the summer break disrupts these healthy habits.

The consequences of this decline in physical activity are profound, extending far beyond the summer months. Studies have consistently shown that children experience more significant weight gain during the summer, which can lead to obesity and a host of associated health issues. Additionally, studies by the NIH show that the COVID-19 pandemic affected the health-related quality of life in school-aged children.

In light of these findings, it's clear that action is needed to ensure our children stay active and healthy all summer long. Engaging in regular exercise not only helps to maintain a healthy weight but also promotes overall well-being, from cardiovascular health to mental wellness. By keeping kids active during the summer, we can set them on a path to lifelong health and happiness.

One excellent option for keeping kids moving and engaged is by enrolling them in summer sports classes like ActivStars Athletics karate. With a focus on fun, fitness, and skill development, ActivStars Athletics offers a dynamic environment where kids can thrive physically and mentally. From building strength and coordination to fostering discipline and confidence, karate provides a holistic approach to fitness that's perfect for summer.

In addition to summer programs, here are a few tips to consider to help keep your kids active and healthy during the summer:

  • Implement structure into your family's summer: Having a bedtime during the school year, helps kids get the proper sleep to stay energized and rested during the day. Continue this structured routine during the summer. This will also help them get up early and get their day going. Make sure your kid has activities planned to attend like summer classes, a play date, taking a walk, helping with chores around the house, etc.

  • Anticipate the weather: When heat, humidity, and inclement weather don't allow for outdoor activities, many fun activities can be planned indoors. Play an active board game like Twister, organize a dance party with friends, plan a yoga session with the family, or check out local climbing gyms or indoor playgrounds.

  • Limit Screen Time: If given the choice, kids will pick screen time over other activities. Keep a limit on the time allotted for screens. Consider restricting screens during what would be school hours if they were in school. Encourage your kids to be creative with the use of their time.

  • Encourage Socialization: It's important for kids to continually develop their social relationships. Finding opportunities for play dates and involving your kids in summer activities like sports and camps are great ways to encourage active play with other kids.

So, this summer, let's commit to prioritizing your children's health and well-being. By encouraging them to stay active through summer activities, you can empower them to lead healthier, happier lives now and in the future.

Learn more about our summer karate classes, or find a class near you to enroll your kids at ActivStars Athletics!


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